Thursday, May 9, 2013


Vortex, A Tempest Novel
by Julie Cross
368 pages
High School+

Jackson has sacrificed everything for Holly's benefit, and now she doesn't even know he exists.  Or at least she isn't supposed to.  Jackson has began his training as a Tempest agent, learning multiple languages and skills in merely a few months.  Everything is different, but the same for him.

And in walks Holly.  The girl he changed time for, the girl he would give anything for, is dating a football jock.  Their chance meeting releases all the memories and feelings that Jackson has been trying to oppress.  He wonders if he really can avoid her and Adam, and if he can live without seeing her again.

All through this, Jackson has more questions than he is getting answers for.  Is Tempest really the good guys?  And what are the Enemies of Time really trying to accomplish?  And how is that little girl really connected to him?

Just like Tempest, Vortex is a super faced paced, action packed story of intrigue and twists.  Jackson is struggling, just like the reader, to make sense of what is going on, to answer questions about what is happening in his life and how he can make a difference.  Jackson helps the readers understand what is going on and how everything is connected because he is working it out for himself as well. 

I really like the journal entries, plus the narrative, in his voice.  Sometimes the first person narrative is annoying and limiting, but Jackson's voice is genuine- when he's confused, he lets you know!  His reactions are believable, and help the reader connect with the story.

Great book for teen boys (or girls!), but make sure they read the first one, Tempest, before this one.  Otherwise they would be super lost.  I read it a few months ago, but still trying to remember everything that happened.  New revelations, new surprises, but stays true to the feeling and mood of the first.  I will definitely recommend this series for boys.  Stayed with the high school age target, mostly because of the complexity and language.  Great sequel, glad I read it!

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