Friday, May 3, 2013

Destiny, Rewritten

Destiny, Rewritten
by Kathryn Fitzmaurice
335 pages

Emily is destined to become a great poet, at least according to her mother.  Before Emily was born, her mother was looking for inspiration for a baby name in a book store, found a book of poems by Emily Dickinson, and had an epiphany: her daughter would be an amazing poet!  She bought the book of poems, and has used it record events in Emily's life.

Even thought her mother continues to insist that it is her destiny, Emily doesn't really get poetry, let alone want to write it.  In school, poetry is NOT her strong point, except when it comes to conversing with a boy in haiku.  Emily just lives everyday the same as the last, longing to learn who her father is, while trying not to disappoint her mother or her friends.  While destiny is out there, Emily isn't sure which one she wants.

Then one day, Emily's mother reveals an important clue about her father: his name is written in her book of poems by Emily Dickinson.  How could Emily have missed it!  She has read that book over and over.   She runs to find it, only to discover that it was given away to a Goodwill store accidentally.  This send Emily on the hunt of her life- to find not only who her father was, but also to discover if destiny can be rewritten.

This was a very fun book to read!  I really liked the character of Emily and how she deals with trying to fit her mother's ideas of how she should live her life.  A lot of the book is dedicated to Emily's struggle as she tries to stay true to herself, but also to discover who she really wants to be.  From switching out old habits to trying new things, Emily searches for what she wants in life.

Another big theme here is friendship.  Emily has a couple friends that are helping her look for the book, and the lengths that they are willing to go to are amazing!  Plus, Emily finds what they mean to her, how ow much she values them. Their friendships deepen, and they all definitely change from who they were at the beginning of the book

Overall, I really liked this book.  This would be great for a late elementary kid struggling with friendships or parental expectations.  Girls especially will identify with Emily and the struggles that she goes through.  Highly recommended.

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