Monday, May 6, 2013

Meanwhile: Pick Any Path

Meanwhile: Pick Any Path. 3856 Story Possibilities
by Jason Shiga
80 pages

Jimmy has a simple choice: chocolate or vanilla ice cream?  But this one small choice leads to another, which leads to another.  Before you know it, the entire world is at stake! 

You, the reader, get to decide which path Jimmy takes, which machine he tries to use, how far back in time to go.  With over 3000 possibilities, can you find a happy ending?

So, if you remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books for a while ago, this is exactly like that!  Jimmy has different decisions to make, and the reader gets to decide which plot line to follow!  Instead of telling you to go to whatever page, there are tabs with pathways to follow.  Lots of fun!

This is an interesting way to teach kids the consequence of their actions in a fun way.  While the pages occasionally got messy and your eye wants to dart around the page, it was really engaging to read.  It is only 80 pages, so not too overwhelming, but it can be read in so many different ways, it takes more time than you would think.

Over all, lots of fun!  Simple yet engaging art, you create whatever plot line you want, plus there is a page you can't get to by following the paths!  Have fun exploring possibilities with Meanwhile!

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