Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ruby Red

Ruby Red
Kerstin Gier
336 pages
Middle School+

Gwyneth lives in her cousin's shadow.  Her cousin Charlotte is the one destined for greatness, for time travel and the family legacy. When Charlotte starts having pre-time travel symptoms, the entire family is excited.

But then Gwyneth gets a headache and is dizzy.  And then it happens- she travels back in time.  Confused and unprepared, she eventually makes it back to her time.  When she tells her mother about it, the entire extended family is in an uproar.  This wasn't supposed to happen

Thrown into intrigue, family politics and secrets, Gwyneth feels lost.  Not only does she have this strange talent, but Charlotte now hates her, Gwyneth's time travelling companion is a snob, and there is far more to traveling back in time than just dressing right.  And when her carriage is waylaid, everything starts going topsy turvy.

This book and story line has tons of potential!  I like the idea, I like the little pieces of back story that we get, and love all the potential that it has for more books.  Great way to start a series!

I did feel that this lacked a little.  I don't know if this is from the translation from German, or something else, but I didn't feel like it quite filled all the potential that it has.  This book is obviously setting up more books, and I feel like there was almost too much "set-up" and not enough action in this one.   Even the action was limited, short and not all that interesting.  To me, not enough happened in this book.

Overall, interesting book.  I'm kind of torn on if I will recommend it or not. While it does have lots of potential, and I probably will read the next one, I think I will wait until after reading it to see if I like the series and will recommend it or not.  Fun book, lots of possibility, but needs more to be a fulfilling read to me.

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