Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel

A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel
by Madeleine L'Engle
Adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson
392 pages

Meg hasn't been happy since her father disappeared.  She is struggling in school even though she is smart, has issues with other kids, and tries to get along with her family.  Everyone wants to pick on her quirky little brother who is brilliant, but has issues interacting with people other than Meg.  All in all, Meg is miserable, and doesn't have much hope that it will get better any time soon.

One night, when Meg can't sleep, her little brother Charles introduces her and her mother to Mrs. Whatsit, a strange, wandering old woman who speaks as strangely as she looks.  They snack on some food, and as Mrs. Whatsit is leaving, she mentions something about a tesseract.  Meg's mother pales, and tells Meg and Charles that their father was studying tesseracts before he disappeared.  Confused by this random comment, Meg tries to continue on with life.

The next day at school, Meg meets Calvin, a local boy almost as quirky as Charles.  They talk on the way, and meet Charles in the woods near their house.  Charles leads them into the woods to see Mrs Whatsit again, and meet Mrs. Who, another strange woman.  Together, they start on an adventure to find Meg's father, and join the battle of light versus dark.

So, the synopsis is taken from my post about the regular novel because it follows it very closely!  From what I saw, I wasn't able to discern any differences in plot line from the original novel.  I like it when adaptations or reinterpretations stay true to the original!

As for the artwork, I really liked the cover, but was slightly disappointed with monochromatic inside.  If the entire book had have color, I think I would have loved it.  It was okay, but not fantastic.Clear pictures, without being messy or cluttered, which I did like.  I just like a little more color in my graphic novels!

Overall, I really like what they did with the adaptation, I like the story, but wish the illustrations had a little more color.  Great story, and oldie but goodie!  This would be a great way to introduce the book to a slightly less confident reader.  If they like the graphic novel, you could have the read the regular novel, or even other books in the series!  Good book!

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