Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tower of Treasure: Three Thieves Book One

Tower of Treasure: Three Thieves Book One
by Scott Chantler
112 pages

The acrobatic Dessa lives with a traveling circus, helping distract the audience with her dazzling skills while another member of the troupe robs them.  As they come into Kingsbridge, Dessa hopes to find the mysterious man who killed her parents and kidnapped her brother.  But some members of the circus have other plans: to steel the king's treasure.

Caught between her search for her brother and the temptation of treasure, Dessa must use all her skills to evade traps, escape dungeons and simply survive.  Can she ever find the man that took her brother?

This was a great beginning to a series of graphic novels.  It sets the scene, gives you an idea of the characteristics of the main characters, and creates great conflicts on several levels.  Lots of great potential for the further books.

Tower of Treasure would be a good book for boys or girls.  Lots of action and adventure, without there being tons of violence.  I would recommend starting around 4th grade to around 6th grade.

Overall, fun storyline, adventure and action, interesting characters on all sides, and lots of potential.  I can see where some of it can go, but we never know what direction the author will take!  Good balance between the artwork and text, which is a must for graphic novels.  Really good book, interesting possibilities! 

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