Wednesday, November 13, 2013

America's National Parks: A Pop-up Book

America's National Parks: A Pop-up Book
Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster
Illustrations by Dave Ember
Concept and Text by Don Compton
Elementary+ (with supervision for really young kids)

Take a trip across the United States and catch the vision of the National Parks.   Learn about their features, their history and what makes them special!  Several parks are mentioned, with 6 covered more in depth.  Lots of illustrations, but lots of facts as well!

Not only is this book informational, but it is simply amazing!  This officially takes it's places as my favorite pop-up book of all time.  It has 6 full pop-up pages, plus fold outs, little booklets, sliding windows, plus more pages of info on other parks.  Each pop-up has lots of details, and is fascinating from any angle. Tons of information presented in such a unique format.

My favorite quote from this book was on one of the side columns: "'To a grizzly bear every-thing is food, except granite.' -John Muir" (from the Glacier National Park page).  This totally shows the feeling surrounding the National Parks!  Nature is powerful, amazing, and we can't really control it.  But it's beautiful and worth exploring!

Great book!  Lots of info, great pictures.  I went to Yellowstone recently, and the pop-up page on Yellowstone captured the feel and majesty of the park wonderfully.  Love this book!  This would be a great gift for any kid!

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