Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves (Book #2 of the Raven Cycle)
by Maggie Stiefvater
416 pages
High School+

Now that Cabeswater is awake, some things have been different while others have stayed the same.  Noah is only there sometimes, Ronan is moody and distant, Adam has moved out of home, and Gansey is still searching for the Raven King.   Cabeswater has changed, and the energies are surging.  Gansey feels closer than ever, but then Cabeswater disappears.

Ronan is dreaming more and more now.  As he discovers more about these dreams, he begins wondering more about his father.  What did he do for a living, where did his money come from, and did he dream as well?  Can he bring other things out of his dreams besides his raven Chainsaw?

With Cabeswater missing, Ronan involved in his dreams, and Adam caught up in adapting to his new role as Cabeswater's eyes and hands, Gansey and Blue are left to try to figure out things.  Spending more and more time together, Blue is reminded about her destiny: when she kisses her true love, he will die.  But who is her true love?  And is it her kiss that kills him?

With everything going on, time is running out.  Cabeswater has disappeared, and they need to find out why.  Ronan's dreams are getting more involving and out of control.  Adam is seeing things, and not quite sure what he needs to do for Cabeswater.  What is the next step to find the Raven King?  And what is the Greywarden and why are dangerous men looking for it?

So, I was slightly conflicted about this book.  For me, at least, it took longer to get into this book, than The Raven Boys, but once I got into it, I loved it.  The ending moved swiftly, like the first book.  Even though I was super excited about this book, I don't feel like it quite lived up to my expectation.  It was still a great book, and I did find prose that was beautiful and I had to read twice to enjoy it fully.  Great book, just not quite sure it was what I expected.

This book focuses more on Ronan, unlike the first book which was much more focused on Blue.  While the reader still gets scenes from her, it's much more about Ronan, his struggles and his history.  This book was about Ronan's part in the story.  The others are still there, and still important, but Ronan is central.  Because of this focus on him, this book is a little darker than The Raven Boys.

This series is great about the characters having real-life struggles intertwined with their fantastical journey.  Ronan has issues with his brothers, they all deal with keeping up with homework and school, the difference lives between the rich and the poor, and even teens trying to figure out who they really like or don't like.  If that is not enough, then add all the struggles with Cabeswater and dreaming and everything else.  This makes the story believable, despite all the fantastic elements.

Overall, really good book.  Beautiful writing, inventive and original.  While not quite what I expected, still interesting and great book.  Highly recommend the series!  Now I have to wait another year or more for the next book...  No fair!

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