Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Red Pyramid: The Graphic Novel

 The Red Pyramid: The Graphic Novel (Kane Chronicles Series #1)
By Rick Riordan
Adapted by Orpheus Collar
192 pages
Late Elementary+

Carter Kane has lived with his dad ever since his mom died.  But they don't really have a home: instead they travel the world, looking at historical artifacts- specifically Egyptian. When they go to London to visit his sister Sadie, his dad starts acting weird, takes them to the British Museum, and everything goes crazy.

Sadie misses having a family, but doesn't really know how to connect with her archaeologist dad or her slightly geeky and quiet brother.  Not knowing much about Egyptian history means they don't have much to talk about.  Regardless, she's glad whenever they come to visit.  But when strange fiery people burst of or the Rosetta Stone, she feels completely out of touch with reality.

Sadie and Carter quickly learn some startling truths- Egyptian gods are real, their mythology is history, and they are descendants of the pharaohs.  They have a legacy of magic and serving as hosts for the gods.  They travel with their uncle, learn more of their history, make enemies of other magicians, and discover that Sadie's cat Muffin is actually the goddess Bast in disguise.  The more they learn about what their father was doing, the more they enemies they make.  How can they survive with magicians, police and gods chasing them?

Very fun book!  Keeps very close to the novel, as far as I can tell.  The original novel switches between Carter and Sadie as the narrator, and the graphic novel uses different colored frames on the text boxes to define who is narrating.  It took me a second to catch that difference, and to someone that hasn't read the original novel, that might throw them off.  But they did a good job keeping the voices of the two kids separate and distinct.  

Overall, really good book.  I liked this adaptation of the novel, and think this would be a good way to introduce the series to kids.  The books are huge and can be a little intimidating, but this version, while keeping true to the story, is a little less intimidating.  Also, you get the visuals of the Egyptian gods, which a lot of people aren't as familiar with them as much as they are the Greek and Roman gods.  I really enjoyed this version, almost as much or more than the original novel.  This has helped me like this series more than previously, so good book!  I will always recommend Rick Riordan!

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