Friday, June 14, 2013

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments Series #1

City of Bones, The Mortal Instruments Series #1
by Cassandra Clare
512 pages
High School+

Fifteen-year-old Clarissa Fray lives with her mom, wishes her dad hadn't died, loves to draw and hangs out with her best friend, Simon, at clubs.  Clary's life seems fairly normal and ordinary.  But one night at the club, she gets a little curious after a few bizarre looking teens apparently murder another.  Shocked and not quite sure what to think, especially when no one else can see them, Clary is drawn into their world of demons and hunters.

After finding out that she was born to be part of this world, Clary's life is turned upside-down.  Her mother is kidnapped, Clary is almost killed by a demon, and is only saved by Jace, one of the curious looking teens from the club.  Attracted to him, but repulsed by his attitude, she's not sure what to think about him.  Grateful to be rescued and healed, she listens to his problems, learns about the Mortal Cup, and also learns that her mom was the last to be seen with it.

This begins her adventures in the world of the Shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves and more.  Clary is meant to be part of them, but can't remember ever encountering them.  What happened to her memories, why would her mother have the Mortal Cup, and can she ever go back to her normal life?

This was actually a really good book!  I've been disappointed with series, especially super popular series, in the past, but this one did pretty good about living up to the hype.  Vibrant world, with lots of details that makes sense.  There's enough history and reasoning to why the world is set up the way it is that you're not left wondering why this happen, or why this person acted the way they did.  The sensible world is a great backdrop to an action packed story.

I really like how the reader gets background throughout the book, so it's not dumped at one spot, but the world in continually evolving and making more sense.  You learn about everything that's going on, but don't get spoilers, and don't get everything dropped on you at once in a big boring glob.  Great development!

Characters- I liked Clary well enough, but it was really her interactions with everyone else that makes the story.  She makes decisions that effect her, Jace, Simon and others.  She has to see the consequences of those decisions, and then either accept them or do something about the consequences.  I think that is a great way to teach people that you have to deal with what happens because of your actions.

Overall, pretty good book.  I enjoyed it a lot, this actually being the second time I read it through.  Characters react realistically, the world is a vivid setting for the action, and it is definitely full of action and drama.  I would definitely say high school age, more than middle school, mostly for the feel of things.  Good book!  I recommend it!  Looking forward to reading more in the series!  And an added benefit-  the is only one book left in the series that hasn't been published.  Five are out (starting with this one) and only one to wait for!  I hate starting a new series that is just barely starting.

Anyways, fun book, great read, I recommend it!

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