Monday, June 10, 2013

Korgi, Book 1: Sprouting Wings

Korgi, Book 1: Sprouting Wings
by Christian Slade
80 pages
Early Elementary+

The korgis live in a fantastical village and come in all shapes and sizes.  Peaceful creatures, they are happy and friendly to all around.  With their woodland friends, the only danger they face are the mysterious ogres that live deep in the forest.

Follow one little korgi and his friend as they set off on an adventure.  Instead of picking berries, they wander off to find what lies in the forest.  Not only do they discover some mysteries of the forest, but they also discover things about themselves.

Very cute, simple little book!  This story is told entirely with pictures, no words at all.  The black and white illustrations are detailed, and it is fun to look at everything to find all the little smiles and korgi expressions.  Nicely detailed, but sometimes felt a little busy.

The story is cute, fun and simple.  This is a great book for early "readers" or to help teach inference, since there are no words.  Surprising twists in the story, cute pictures to go with.  Winner of a book!  Definitely one for the early elementary ages, since older ages would be bored by the simpleness of the presentation.  If your kids like fairies and not-so-scary monsters, this would be a great book for them!

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