Monday, December 24, 2012

Lou! #1- Secret Diary

Lou! #1- Secret Diary
by Julien Neel
48 pages
Late Elementary+

Lou lives with her mom and a stray cat in their apartment in the city.  Not your typical 12-year-old, Lou designs her own clothes, hates playing with dolls, and her homework sends her to shrink.  At least she has a friend and a secret diary to pour her heart out.

When she starts noticing the boy across the street, things start getting complicated in life.  Then a cute guy her mom's age moves in down the hall.  On top of everything else, she has to deal with not only her own love life, but her mom's as well.

I found this book to be very funny and light-hearted. Lou goes through several things that a normal 12-year-old would face, plus some more!  Her lazy mom loves her, her cat thinks she is strange, and her friend rolls her eyes at everything, but still hangs out with her.  I love that her mom is addicted to video games!

I would give this to girls much more than boys.  I would probably start in late elementary aged, through middle school.  Lots of fun, and very cute!

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