Saturday, December 1, 2012


by Kazu Kibuishi
96 pages

Copper and his dog Fred go on many adventures together.  While Copper is ever optimistic and adventurous, but Fred is more timid and conservative. From jumping over toadstools to flying planes, they go places and see lots of new things. 

This is a hard review to write, not because I didn't love it, but because each page is its own story.  Set up similarly to a Sunday comic, each comic is self-contained.  While there are some similar themes to many of the comics and reoccurring images, each also stands alone.  They do have a couple sets of short story sets that are really fun to read, but mostly single page stories.

Copper reminds me a lot of the Calvin and Hobbes comics.  Kids will enjoy it for the colors and quirkiness, but adults will love it for the deeper aspects.  The illustrations are beautiful, and there is a lot of deep meaning in them.  Easy to read, but gives the reader lots to think about.

I will definitely be recommending this for kids and teens of any age.  Very clean, but fun, and thought provoking.  You can even buy prints of some of the comics at:  Check it out!  Easy read and very enjoyable!

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