Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brain Camp

Brain Camp
by Susan Kim and Laurence Klaven
Artwork by Faith Erin Hicks and Hilary Sycamore
160 pages
Middle School+

Jenna and Lucas are losers.  Neither of them have high expectations in life, except to get through it with as little trouble as possible.  Then, they are offered last minute slots in a prestigious "Brain Camp," guaranteed to make you smarter. 

But something isn't right at camp.  Everyone is getting smarter, but they're also getting super creepy as well.  The one friend that they find completely changes overnight.  The staff are super secretive, and there is a mysterious building on the edges of camp.  Why are kids sprouting feathers and what is with the nasty huge zits they are getting too?

I really liked that the main characters had issues, dealt with their issues, and moved on with life.  They were even able to used skills from their so-called "ill spent lives" to overcome some of the challenges they face.  I loved when they made a Segway-like vehicle out of a lawnmower! 

This was a really fun yet creepy book.  It has it all!  Mystery, love, aliens, and weird happenings.  I had a lot of fun reading it. Boys will love it, but girls will get it too.  Recommending to all!  Age is mostly for material and interest level.  Nothing really inappropriate.

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