Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Princesses of Bamarre

Two Princesses of Bamarre
by Gail Carson Levine
241 pages
Late Elementary+

Addie and her older sister Meryl could not be more different.  While they are both princesses, Meryl is adventurous, brave, and strong.  Addie, on the other hand, is timid, completely scared of spiders, and shy.  Since Addie dreads the day that Meryl will leave on her adventures, she makes Meryl promise not to leave her until she is married.

And then the unthinkable happens: Meryl catches the Grey Death, the sickness that no one ever recovers from.  When Addie's useless father fails to attempt to save his daughter's life, Addie realizes it is up to her alone to go adventuring to find the cure.

What a great book! This is definitely one to recommend to people of all ages.  There is nothing bad or objectionable in the book, and teaches some great lessons about what it really means to be brave.  Readers will enjoy following Addie on her adventure, and seeing how she changes throughout her journey.  This is a great gift idea for kids too (since the holidays are coming up!).

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