Monday, November 26, 2012


by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
256 pages

Norman Babcock is definitely not your average 11-year-old.  Like everyone else, he gets bullied, annoys his older sister, needs friends, and has a hard time talking to his parents.  But UNLIKE everyone else, he can talk ghost.  Not just one or two, but every ghost in town.  While for him it's normal, everyone else wonders why this wacky kid is talking to thin air.

Things just get worse and the 300th anniversary of the local witch trial. Norman is having strange dreams and visions about disasters that are threatening his town. When his great-uncle dies and visits him, Norman now has a mission to save the town.  But can he, a new friend, his one time bully, and his sister really make a difference when pilgrim zombies are invading?

This was a really fun book to read!  This is based off the screen play for the movie, and I can't wait to see it! Every time you turn the page there is another disaster, or another zombie, and somehow it is all hilarious.

As much as this is about pilgrim zombies, this is also about a boy finding his own confidence and also about relationships.  Norman has to develop confidence in his ability, plus come to value his own uniqueness.  When he embraces himself is when he starts being successful.  And as he does this, he starts seeing the value in others as well.  This is a neat little story that wraps everything up neatly in the very happy ending.

I would recommend this for all kids, with the humor and everything.  Boys will love it, and this is one to put on the list of kids that like Diary of a Wimpy Kid- similar humor and everything.  I had a lot of fun with this book, and really enjoyed it!

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