Monday, November 12, 2012


Amulet, Book One: The Stonekeeper
by Kazu Kibuishi
192 pages

Emily is moving to an old family house with her mother and little brother Navin.  After her father's death a couple years ago, her family is struggling to survive.  As they start cleaning the old house, they find an old library belonging to Emily's great-grandfather.  Underneath a book, Emily discovers a pattern like a hand.  As she touches it, her finger is pricked, and an amulet is revealed.  She puts it on, and they continue cleaning.

That night, as they are sleeping, they start hearing strange noises.  Not wanting to leave her mother alone, they descend into the basement to find the source.  A strange monster swallows their mother, and leads them down a disappearing hallway.  What exists down there?  What powers does the amulet have?  And how are they tied to everything?

So, while this isn't the first graphic novel I've read, it's the first I'm reviewing here.  This is the first in a series, and I will definitely go pick up the rest of them!  It was a very quick read, but I also feel that I can spend more time, finding each detail in the artwork if I choose to.  The story was quick paced, and keeps the reader engaged.

Readers will also form a connection with Emily and Navin.  The prologue is very emotional, and really helps the reader understand Emily.  Emotions are the motivation for a lot of what happens in the book.  I also really like the foreshadowing I've seen so far.  I can tell there are more twists and turns to come!

Overall, really enjoyed reading this.  The story and characters are engaging, the artwork and colors are beautiful, and this will appeal to kids and teens of many ages.  I will definitely recommend it to people!

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