Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tiger's Quest (Tiger's Curse #2)

Tiger's Quest (Tiger's Curse #2)
by Colleen Houck
496 pages
High School

After her latest adventure in India, Kelsey decides she needs some time away from not just from the danger, but from Ren and his attention.  Still unsure of her feelings for Ren and Kishan, Kelsey goes to college, takes martial arts classes, and even starts trying to date other guys.  But just as she is starting to feel like she is getting a handle on her life, Ren follows her back to Oregon, moves in next door, and even enrolls in some college classes.  Ren insists on a second chance with Kelsey, and is willing to take things as slow as she wants to go.

While she spends time working things out with Ren, Kishan decides to show up too.  Kelsey finally make peace with her feelings with Ren, enjoys  spending time with Kishan, and feels in control of her life again.  Just in time for kidnappers to come after them.  Although Kishan and Kelsey escape, Ren is captured and taken to the mysterious man Kelsey saw in her vision.  Torn up about being separated from Ren, Kelsey travels back to India to try to figure out how to rescue Ren.

Back in India, Kelsey, Kishan and Mr. Kadam must figure out the second prophecy.  They figure the best chance of rescuing Ren comes from getting the next gift and treasure from the goddess Durga.  If they can find these treasures, then they might have a chance at getting Ren back.

So, while I am slightly addicted to the series, it also bothers me.  To me, there are two main parts to the series is the adventure story (with the mythology, treasure, and rescuing Ren) and the love story.  I really like the adventure part of the story.  It's fun, interesting to see part of a culture and mythology that I'm not as familiar with, and intriguing.  I even like the new twist on the supernatural theme: were-tigers!  Pretty cool.

But, even though I really like that part, the romance part of the story drives me batty.  Kelsey is still taking forever to figure out what she wants, is continually doubting herself and putting herself down.  Kelsey drives me crazy.

If you like romance and romantic tension, read this.  The adventure is great, but I'm really not sure if it is worth it.  I think I will finish the series, partly to figure out what happens, but also for the adventure.  Next book (I've already started it) has dragons, and sounds really interesting.  Maybe I'll just skim over the parts that Kelsey is doing her thing...

Overall, good book, just a little heavy on the romance.  I wish Kelsey was a little more sure of herself, but her feelings fit with how a lot of girls tend to feel. This book does have a really interesting twist at the end (spoilers!), so it will be interesting to see how that all works out.  Good book, I'll keep reading the series, but there are a couple things that annoy me.  Again, I'll recommend mostly to girls- I see boys having a really hard time getting into this story because of Kelsey's point of view on things.

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