Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Saga of Rex

The Saga of Rex
by Michel Gagne
200 pages

On a world somewhere in the galaxy, the Shepherd Guardian initiates the ceremony: the gathering and trial of specimens from across the universe.  Of all the creatures brought from around the universes, only one will be chosen.

Little Rex the fox hardly expects his day to be different from any other day.  After chasing a little animal, he is swept up into an adventure that he can't begin to imagine.  He is carried away by some mystical force, meets a blue ball that morphs into a blue fox, and then set on some strange terrain he knows nothing about.

Thus begins Rex's adventures.  He sees strange lands, meets even stranger creatures and proves what he is made of.  His relentless curiosity aids him as he explores these unknown places.

I loved this book!  The beginning is a little wordy, but most of the story is told without words, and even the first part could be understood without the words.  The illustrations are a great balance between detail but not so much that it overwhelms the story; instead the illustrations enrich the story! While you can skim along, and get a general understanding of the plot, you can also take you time, enjoy the pictures and find fun little details in the story.  I loved watching Rex's expressions and feeling what he felt through them.

Overall, great book.  Girl or boy friendly, and a great twist on science fiction, without being too heavy on the science fiction.  Great book for teaching inference skills, but also good for teaching what sets Rex apart.  Definitely on my recommend list!

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