Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. and Mrs Bunny- Detectives Extraordinaire!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny-- Detectives Extraordinaire!
By Mrs. Bunny, translated from the Rabbit by Polly Horvath
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
256 pages

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny decide to leave their large, mostly empty home for a smaller home closer to town.  There, they have easy access to town with a stores, clubs and even a hat shop!  They want to buy fedoras so they can become detectives! And their first customer is Madeline.

Madeline is in fifth grade, and for graduation needs white shoes. She can't really expect her parent to help with it; they would rather spend money preparing for the summer solstice luminaries.  Madeline is the sensible one in the family, taking care of things around the house and managing the finances.  Her parents Flo and Mildred love everything, but don't have an intelligent though between the two of them.

One night, foxes come to see Flo and Mildred.  The foxes want to know where Uncle Runyon lives, who can decode the recipes left behind by Fanny Fox, the greatest fox chef ever.  When Flo and Mildred can't remember when Uncle Runyon lives, the foxes kidnapped them, and leave a note for Madeline.

Madeline must now turn to Mr. and Mrs. Bunny to help solve the mystery.  Together, they visit marmots, go to hat club, stand before the Bunny Council for various crimes, and even eat at the Olde Spaghetti Factory.  But can they find Madeline's parents before the foxes completely freak out???

This was a pretty fun book.  This would be a great book for earlier chapter book for kids.  While it has 256 pages, it goes really fast, and has the occasionally illustrations.  Definitely humorous, has a couple twists and turns.  Tongue in check humor- kids will get some, but the older the kids will get even more. Very fun! Great introduction to the mystery genre for kids!

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