Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lio: There's a Monster in My Socks

Lio: There's a Monster in My Socks
by Mark Tatulli
224 pages
Late Elementary+

Lio, with his hair sticking up, in many ways is just like many boys: likes gross things, hates chores, and is excited to get a C on his homework instead of an F.  But, in many other ways, he is definitely NOT normal: instead of a pet dog, he has a pet squid, and he likes the monsters under the bed.

Follow Lio as he creates time machines, raises Godzilla, and has science experiments go wrong!  Will aliens abduct him before he can take over the earth???

So, this made me laugh out loud as I was reading it. In a library.  Not the best place to laugh out loud.  But it was just that funny.  I really enjoyed reading it, and can think of tons of boys that would totally laugh at it.  It reminds me a little of Calvin and Hobbes, but a little more modern, not as philosophical, and still tons of fun.

Most of the panels are just a page in length, making the reading go really quick. Plus, there is not a ton of vocabulary, so this would be good for a reluctant reader.  I put it as later elementary, mostly because of some scary looking monsters and mischief that Lio gets in.

Overall, this was so much fun to read!  I would definitely give it to almost any boy, especially those into science and monsters.  Quick read, quirky humor, and great expressions.  Since there isn't a ton of text, the facial expressions really help fill that gap.  Check it out!

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