Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Selection

The Selection
By Kiera Cass
327 pages
Middle School and up

America Singer feels like an ordinary girl.  She has a secret boyfriend, works hard with her family, and has a strained relationship with her mother.  While not rich or famous, she is content with life and looks forward to a future with her boyfriend.

And then the Selection comes: 35 girls from around the world have a chance to get to know and marry Prince Maxon, heir to the crown. America doesn't want to apply for the Selection, but to appease her mom, she applies.  She is totally shocked when she is chosen as the representative from her region.  Reluctantly, she goes to the palace to meet Maxon.

Her first day there, she feels overcome with emotion and pressure.  She flees into a garden, breaking several rules, just to run into Maxon.  As they talk, she is honest with him, saying she misses her home and that she doesn't really want to be there.  Instead of ejecting her from the contest, he confides in her, and they become friends, just friends.

During the rest of the contest, Maxon uses America as a source of inside information.  But things start getting out of control.  Rebels are attacking the palace, the other contestants are scheming, and America's boyfriend shows up at the palace. America will have to choose where her loyalties lie and what she believes in.

First of all, why does the book have to end where it does!  Definitely will be another book!  While some issues are resolved, lots more are left hanging.  I really enjoyed the book, and can't wait for the sequel to come out!

Writing was fairly fast paced, so kept me interested throughout the book.  America has to grow up, face issues, and make decisions.  I can see some more themes that while minor in this book, will become much more important in the next.  The foreshadowing is great, and the characters are reacting in predictable ways. Great book!  I will definitely be recommending this to kids!

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