Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tags and such....

Hi everyone!  Bren here...

So, I recently went through and added a lot of tags to things so that my blog is more user friendly.  I added more tags to past items, plus started a new rating system so you could find my favorite books!

Here is my ranking system:

Don't Bother- Really, don't bother reading this book.  I didn't enjoy it, and if there is a sequel, it holds no interest for me...

It's Okay- It was an alright book, but nothing special.

Liked It A Lot- I enjoyed reading this book! 

Great Book- These are some of my favorites!  I would recommend to most people!

I also added a tag called "Couldn't put it down," which means exactly what it says.  These books are very engaging and really captured my interest!

Hope these make my blog a little better for you all!  Thanks for reading!

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