Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home from the Sea

Home from the Sea: An Elemental Masters Novel
By Mercedes Lackey

Mari Prothero lives by the sea, with her fisherman of a father.   Ever since she was a little child, she has seen things that others don't see: colors in the sky and little creatures in the water that talk her even though she ignores them.  When she finds out that her mother was Selch, a half-seal and half-human, and that her mother did not die when Mari was young, her world is turned upside down.  She is expected to fulfill the next generation of the Prothero legacy, wed a Selch and bear his children in return for luck at sea.  In addition to all of this, Mari has the potential to be an Elemental Master of Water, and enlist the aid of all those little creatures that she has always seen.

In walks Nan and Sarah, two young ladies that have been traveling the world.  Both have psychic gifts, Sarah as a medium, and Nan as her psychical warrior guardian.  Together they work to help spirits cross over to where they belong.  Having come back from their world travels, they feel slightly useless and out of place until Lord Alderscroft, the "Wizard of London", sends them out seeking some information.  A Water Master has arisen, and he wants to know more about this new master.  He sends Nan and Sarah to find out about this new master and make sure he or she does not turn to the darker sides of magic.

When Nan and Sarah finally get to Mari's village, and find out she is the new elemental master, they are shocked.  Mari is being taught elemental mastery by a Selch, plus being courted by several others.  While assured Mari is not being led astray to dark paths, they become friends with Mari and want to help her.  Another new addition of a constable to Mari's small village adds further confusion and complications.  Mari has to figure out which Selch she wants to marry by winter, bear his children, learn how to master the water magic, and stay out of trouble all at the same time!

This newest installment in the Elemental Masters series by Mercedes Lackey is great.  I really liked getting an update on characters previously seen in the series- Nan and Sarah.  In the other book, they were children, so it's nice to see them older and wiser.  This book follows many of the themes and patterns set up in the other books in the series as well.  I liked it as much as the others in the series.  I would try to introduce this series to older teens, just because I feel it would interest them more than young teens.

I really liked the touch of romance in the book, while it had nothing inappropriate.   Also, Mari does things for herself.  She is bold, self-motivating and tries to have control over her own life.  At the same time, she is caring about those around her, and very considerate of her father.  This story follows her self discovery and her change from being merely a girl and daughter to a woman and elemental master!

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