Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caught In Crystal

Caught in Crystal
by Patricia C. Wrede

Kayl has a busy life between her two kids and running a country inn.  Although it was nor her dream, she enjoys her current life.  Then a mysterious black carriage drops a more mysterious woman on her doorstep.  This sorceress of the Sisterhood of Stars is linked to Kayl's past, a past she has carefully stayed away from.  When another old friend appears, she knows she has to face her past and the demons that haunt it.

As Kayl journeys with her family back to the Sisterhood's headquarters, the past becomes more important than ever.  She finds that some of her memories are false, reconnects with more old friends, and has to face what she has been avoiding for decades.  Can Kayl solve the mystery of the tower and the figure out what is caught in the crystal?

I read this years ago, as a teen: enjoyed it then and now!  This book, and several other novels by Patricia C. Wrede, are being republished, and I am very excited to read them again!   This time I think I identified even more with Kayl than before.  It's hard as a teen to imagine life as an adult, like Kayl.  But even as a teen, the story drew me in, and captivated my attention.  Now, understanding the responsibility of an adult, I can understand Kayl's motivations even better.

Overall, this is a classic fantasy story that has touches of romance and intrigue.  Readers that have not read any other novels from Lyra will be comfortable with the world, and this would be a great introduction to Lyra for any reader.  This is appropriate for most any age, but probably most interesting for ages 14+.  Great book, and an awesome writer!

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