Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gaiman

    When Nobody Owen's parents are murdered by some mysterious men when he is a baby, he wanders down to the local graveyard.  He is adopted by the occupants of the graveyard: the ghosts, a witch, and his guardian, a man neither dead or alive.  Bod learns their skills, knowledge of their times, and how to live in a graveyard.  As he grows older, he encounters outsiders: a girl in a rain coat, some neighbors, and even tries to go to school!  Follow Bod as he fights ghouls, descends to the underworld, and tries to find out who is after him.
    This was a fun book!  Very different than a lot of other books, but very good.  The read gets to follow Bod through various stages of life, from a young boy, on up to a early teenager.   As he grows, he tries understand the foreign world outside.  His confusion helps lots of kids and teens relate to him, at the same time setting up some humorous situations.
    I really enjoyed reading this and have read it a couple times now.  The book on CD is great, too.  The narrator does a great job of portraying the flavor of the characters.  This book is fun, spooky and mysterious! Great read for boys or girls that like spooky things!

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