Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion
by Brandon Mull

In this second book of the series (following A World Without Heroes), Jason is desperate to get back to Lyrian.  Rachel is still stranded there, Maldor reigns supreme, and the Word that can undo Maldor is fake.  After finding his way back to Lyrian through the same hippo as before, Jason strives to be reunited with his friends, while trying to decide who is a friend, and who is foe.

Meanwhile, Rachel has been on the run for months in Lyrian.  She is starting to learn about her new abilities in magic, hoping to be useful to the rebellion against Maldor.  When lurkers start catching up to her, she must find a way to ditch the lurker and make her way back to Jason.

Reunited with friends and possible traitors, can Jason and Rachel find the key to a successful rebellion?  Will they find the allies they need or be eaten by the undead?

This was a great sequel to the first in the series.  Meant for an older age than Mull's Fablehaven series, this was a riveting book.  There is adventure, action, drama and more.  The writing is very engaging, fast paced and exciting.  This book definitely leaves you wanting the next!  Boys will love the action, but this will appeal to girls as well.


  1. Did not know he had written more after the candyshop one. You don't hear about him nearly as much in PA as you do in the blog...sounds like we have similar reading taste.

    1. Mandy- He also wrote the Fablehaven series, if you don't know about them. The audience for Fablehaven is younger than The Beyonders series, if you need something for your boys!