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My Favorite Author- Garth Nix

Mister Monday, the first in
 the Keys to the Kingdom Series

     So to start this off, I would like to share one of my favorite authors that I found when I was a teenager- Garth Nix.  Originally from Australia, Mr. Nix has several series and books out, including the Abhorsen Trilogy (or Old Kingdom series), Keys to the Kingdom series, and The Seventh Tower series.  In addition to these series, he has several stand alone books or collection of stories, including Shade's Children, One Beastly Beast, and a book that is the start of a new series called Troubletwisters.
     One of the things I like about Garth Nix's books is his different approach to everything.  He has very interesting and unique approaches to his fantasy settings.  He treats death as a series of waterfalls, he believes test is mightier than the days of the week, and bells have power to calm or raise the dead.  So many of his ideas were fresh to me as a teenager, which was really important.  I read so much, I saw lots of elements that got over done- everyone had done it hundreds of times!  So when I read Sabriel, it still has some things I was familiar with, but then has so many new ideas!  I love it!  All of these books I would recommend to any teenager!

Sabriel, first book of
the Old Kingdom series
     The first book I read by Garth Nix was Sabriel.  I was mesmerized by it!  When I heard, years later, that other books set in the same world were being written, I was so excited.  I love this book so much, that it will have its own posting (soon to come!).  One of the reasons why this book intrigued me so much is the unique way it looked at death.  Sabriel also has many elements that entice teens: fantasy, action, romance, and a teen main character that even goes to school.  The story is fast paced, delves right into the action, and keeps going throughout the book.   Read the post on Sabriel  to find out more!  After reading this book, I searched out for others by him.
The Fall, Book 1 of
The Seventh Tower series
     While many of his books are intended for young adults, the Seventh Tower series is more for late elementary and middle school readers.  Tal is a young man who has lived his whole life in darkness at the castle with the seven towers.  When trouble threatens his family, Tal tries to steal a sunstone, the source of light and power for his people.  When he fails, he falls, out the the light and into the unknown.  There he meets Milla, his complete opposite, who he must trust and work with in order to save everything they hold dear.  This series of six books is a great read- continual action and twists and turns keep the reader eagerly turning the pages!
Lord Sunday, the conclusion of
The Keys to the Kingdom series.
     A series that he recently finished is the Keys to the Kingdom.  Starting with Mister Monday, we meet Arthur Penhaligon, a boy starting a new school.  While in PE, he tries to run despite his asthma, and ends up seeing what he thinks are delusions.  These delusions are Mister Monday and his servant.  This leads Arthur to the House, where everything is dreadfully wrong.  The Keys to the Kingdom series follow Arthur as he battles each day or the week for dominion over the House.  As he get closer to battling Lord Sunday, is Arthur still himself, or is he losing himself in the magic of the House?
    Here are some great resources to learn more about Garth Nix and his books:
http://www.garthnix.com/   Garth Nix's official website

http://www.keystothekingdom.com.au/   Keys to the Kingdom website

http://www.oldkingdom.com.au/    Abhorsen and Old Kingdom series website

http://www.troubletwisters.com.au/    website for Garth Nix's new series: Troubletwisters

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