Friday, October 24, 2014

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

by Sarah Prineas
248 pages, 2012
Late Elementary+

Jennifer, or Fer as she likes to be known as, has never quite fit in.  School in the city gives her headaches, the other girls have never really liked her, her quilt-patched jacket makes her look strange and she would much rather just be out in the forest away from them all anyways.

One rainy night, Fer is drawn to a pool in the forest.  The flat surface reflects the trees around her, the bushes, and even a glimpse of the moon through the clouds.  But the moon is wrong- crescent in one sky but full in the other.  Shadowy figures move from the reflection into around her until they resolve into wolves.  Wolves hunting a young boy she finds in the bushes next to the pool.  After she fights off the wolves, she wonders where everyone came from.  No one lives in that forest and wolves haven't been seen there for years and years.

After rescuing Puck from the wolves, she decides to follow him to the other world through the pool.  This begins her adventures.  Dark powers have taken hold, and winter is staying much longer than it should.  Fer must discover the source of the wrongness she feels in the land and find a solution to bring spring not only to the world on the other side of the pool, but to her own land as well.

Pretty good book about a girl finding her own way in the world, discovering who she really is and deciding what she wants in life.  Magic and faeries, coming of age story.

So overall, great book for later elementary kids.  No love story elements, no language, and really nothing that scary.  Lots of action, Fer is a smart strong girl who isn't afraid to act or to refuse to act when pressured into a wrong situation.  Definitely one I will recommend around!

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