Tuesday, September 2, 2014

InterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
260 pages, 2007
Late Elementary to Middle School

Joey Harker's day started just fine.  His social sciences teacher is testing them on finding directions in the city, and he finally feels like he's got a handle on it.  He knows where he is, he's got a cute girl on his team, and even stood up the the bully.

And then he walked around the wrong corner and Walked into another dimension.  And then another.  Joey has the strange ability to walk through dimensions like most people walk to the park.  As he starts travelling, he starts meeting people that are strange versions of himself, humanoid and otherwise.  The more people he meets, the deeper involved in the bigger struggle he becomes.

When I first saw this I thought "How did I not know that Gaiman wrote something else???" I was super excited to read it and see what crazy world he came up with this time.  And Mr. Gaiman did not disappoint.

This was great! I had a hard time putting down.  The reader becomes quickly attached to Joey as the underdog, and you want to cheer for him.  He's the kid that is always trying to work hard and do the right thing, but it turns out wrong.  Many people will be able to relate to him.

I also liked the variety of Joey-like characters- so many different variations, but still have connections to him.  Very believable that they could be a Joey from another universe.

Overall- exciting, action-packed read.  Great characters, interesting multiple-universe structure, and fun to read.  Definitely will recommend to people, especially boys.

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