Monday, April 22, 2013


by Hope Larson
176 pages
Middle School+

Abby is super excited to go to summer camp.  She can't wait to see Rose, her friend from last year, again.  But when she gets there, Rose is so busy being a staff helper, Abby feels like she is being neglected.  Instead of being able to spend time with her, Abby has to make new friends with Beth and Shasta.

 As Abby and Shasta grow closer, Abby gets kickback from her other friends.  They don't think that Shasta is the right person for Abby to be hanging out with.  On top of all the girl drama, Abby finds a boy that she like, Teal.  He's a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master, and loves to play.  First time he meets Abby, he compares her to a wood-elf.  That night, she dreams of herself as an elf, journeying through the forest with him. 

As the summer progresses, she learns more about Shasta, and comes to be the only one that will hang out with her.  Abby's other friends also want to hang out with her, but can't stand Shasta.  How can she balance both groups of friends, and also keep an eye open for Teal?

This book is all about friendships and relationships.  Abby has certain expectations for friends that she has to adapt as real life kicks in.  She also has to realize that not everyone is perfect, but to accept them as friend anyways.  Backbiting, jealousy, and gossip make Abby deal with being told one thing, but feeling another.  She has to decide who she wants as a friend, especially her close friends.

Overall, good book, especially for those girls going through this type of stuff.  While I wasn't overwhelmed with the greatness of this book, it was fun.  The artwork was detailed and clear, without overwhelming the story.  Great balance of storytelling and art.  I would keep it to middle school and older, mostly because it makes some references that I'm not sure younger kids would get.  Good book, I'll recommend it!

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