Monday, September 12, 2011

Light of the Oracle

The Light of the Oracle
By Victoria Hanley

Bryn grows up as a simple girl, daughter to a stone cutter, in a tiny village. Her mother thinks she is useless and a dreamer since she spends time wandering, following thistledown as it floats through the air.  One day, the Master Priest finds her, and tells everyone she is to become a seer, a priestess at a temple far away.  Her life is turned upside down as she journeys with another acolyte, Clea, to the temple to learn how to harness her visions.

Once at the temple, Bryn is taken in by Dawn, another priestess is training, and starts chores in the stables with Kiran, a priest in training.  Her new friends stay with her even when the popular girls taunt her, she gets months of extra chores, and becomes a rare wind-chosen seer.  But when Clea curses her, how will she save a princess, an outcast seer, Kiran, and herself?

This book is a companion to Hanley's other books The Seer and the Sword and The Healer's Keep.  I read it because I read the others and loved them, and this one did not disappoint!  The plot is interesting and has lots of turns, but not so many that the reader gets lost.  I loved the characters, and easily believed they could feel what they did in their situations.  Overall, this was one I had a hard time putting down!

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